Sunday, December 23, 2007

Summer Solstice Ride report & photos

Here it is, the sunrise we awoke at 2am to view.

It is purely an accident of digital photography that Allister Worrall and CJ both look like vampires inthis shot.

Paul & CJ at Bike Central were awake and fully functional, plying us with muffins and excellent coffee.

The ride through central Auckland was entertaining- the party people were not expecting to see lycra-clad cyclists.

Olivia MacLaren met us at St Heliers and we headed through Point England, and east along Te Rakau Drive.
After the party atmosphere of downtown, the rest of the city was quiet with few cars on the roads.
It was still dark as we rode through the Whitford Gorge, which made me glad I had bothered to fit a Schmidt dynohub to my Ritchey for the occasion.
It got lighter as we made our way along Whitford-Maraetai Road, indeed light enough to expose a couple making the beast with two backs on the roadside.

We got to Duders Regional Park with about ten minutes to spare before sunrise at 5:58.
Peter Alexander, who lives 5 minutes away, was already there on his mountain bike.

We headed back to Maraetai, where CTB's old boss Susan fed us a sumptuous breakfast of bacon and eggs.

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